Mar 09 2018

Left unchecked, glare can be an unwelcome and unpleasant distraction all year round. Bright sunlight can make for an uncomfortable internal environment, making it different to focus on work, products or colleagues. It can be particularly problematic during the winter months, with the low lying level of the sun meaning sunlight enters premises at a particularly disruptive angle.

The Window Film Company was contacted by a popular garden centre in Hampshire, where glare was an ongoing issue for both staff and visitors. The centre featured a large amount of glass, ensuring a light and airy environment, conducive to the storage and sale of a host of plants and flowers. The main problem was caused by a large bank of glazing near the entrance of the property. Sunlight was constantly streaming through the expanse of glazing which comprised 28 large panes and covered nearly 60 square metres.

The almost constant glare meant that it was uncomfortable for those working in and visiting the centre, so a solution was sought.

The recommended film was Optiview 15. Part of a highly developed range of window films, Optiview is designed specifically to be highly effective with a lower level of internal reflectivity – ideal for when the view to the exterior and a neutral internal finish are required. One installed, the film reduces glare by up to 86%, filtering out the harshest of the sunlight while still allowing for excellent levels of natural light transmission.

Samples of the film were supplied, allowing the client to test the film in different locations and in different conditions. Approval was given and The Window Film Company’s dedicated operations team began working on the logistics, including the organising of a powered scissor lit for access – the windows were substantially above ground level.

With the logistical aspects organised and agreed with the Garden Centre, the work could take place. The installation was undertaken first thing in the morning, long before the centre was due to open, ensuring the minimum of fuss and disruption. The film was applied to each of the 28 panes, providing immediate relief from glare.

The film provided the external side of the glass with a stylish and contemporary reflective appearance, while the view from the inside out was maintained. The completed project left the expanse of glass looking modern and in full keeping with the rest of the centre, while also providing a long lasting and highly effective glare reduction solution, making the centre an altogether more pleasant place to be for employees and visitors.

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