Mar 17 2017

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary is a specialist police service, created to provide protection to nuclear sites in the UK. Training for the Constabulary takes place at a special facility in Oxfordshire, where there was an ongoing issue with heat and glare. The Window Film Company was brought in to help.

The large two storey facility features a frontage almost entirely comprised of large windows and the quantity and location of the glass means that solar gain and glare will always have been an issue. There was evidence of a previous application of film, but due to the length of time since the application, the product had ceased to be effective.

The project therefore required the removal of the existing product, followed by the application of a replacement film. The product chosen was High Reflective Silver, a high performance solar control film that rejects up to 77% of solar energy, preventing the steady build-up of heat that can ultimately result in an uncomfortable working environment. The film works by reflecting away the sun’s energy before it can enter the premises, making it a more effective solution than curtains or blinds – both of which allow the heat to enter the building while also blocking natural light and the view.

The film is applied to the interior face of the glass as this delivers a longer effective lifespan, although an external version of the film is available if an internal application isn’t possible. Once applied the film is effective immediately, providing the exterior face of the glass with a sleek, professional looking mirrored finish, while inside the temperature is kept at a manageable and moderate level.

The three day project was completed by a team of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified and vastly experienced fitters, who removed the old and failing film from 38 large windows before cleaning each pane and applying the new product. The work was carried out over a period of time agreed and arranged by The window Film Company’s operations team, the logistics organised to ensure the minimum of disruption at the property and to be certain that the premises were protected and ready well in advance of the approaching warmer weather.

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