Mar 10 2017

Manifestation requirements are being met in increasingly creative ways, and The Window Film Company was delighted to print and install this stylish design, based on the ever popular Rubik’s Cube.

Building regulations dictate that manifestation is required on glass partitions and doors, with the aim of ensuring that the glass is visible to the naked eye. The full requirements are detailed on our dedicated manifestation page, but the basic requirement is that a marking must be placed at two defined levels, with the material used contrasting visually with the background.

As long as these basic requirements are met, the manifestation can take any form, allowing for a legal requirement to be met with creativity and style. A band made from frosted film is a popular choice for manifestation, with the width of the band ensuring that both height levels are covered with a single application. This method, as opposed to the smaller dots or squares that you may associate with manifestation, allows for a more detailed, decorative and stylish finish – with this recent project an ideal example.

The manifestation was required in a modern office space, and the decision was made to incorporate a design across a glass partition wall. The design featured four distinct outlines, starting with a simple cube and culminating in an eye-catching and instantly recognisable depiction of a Rubik’s Cube.

The artwork was supplied by the client, allowing The Window Film Company’s in house graphics and print team to create the four panels. The design was cut from Frostbrite frosted film using state of the art equipment, before being finished and checked by hand to ensure that each piece was perfect.

The film was then installed by one of The Window Film Company’s fully trained, qualified and experienced fitting teams, who carried out the installation with the minimum of fuss and disruption to what is a busy office environment.

Once installed, the manifestation not only met legislative requirements, but also provided an extra element of style and design, immediately transforming the look and feel of the office.

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