Jun 16 2017

An application of Clear UV window film will have an almost imperceptible effect on the appearance of your glass, but could have a big impact on protecting the inside of your property from damage caused by fading. 

The Window Film Company was contacted to address a fading issue at a Greater London office, where 6 large panes provided excellent views and allowed for superb levels of natural light. However, the windows also meant that fading was an ongoing concern.

Fading is caused by three major factors – heat, natural light and UV rays. This means that the only way to stop the threat of fading completely is to block the windows from allowing any heat or light to pass through. Understandably this isn’t usually a viable or desirable option, so a compromise solution is offered in the form of a number of different window films.

Our reflective range of window films will help by blocking both heat and UV rays, but will also have an aesthetic effect on the glass and this isn’t always appropriate. It’s for situations such as this when Clear UV film is the correct choice. As the name suggests, the film is completely clear and is virtually undetectable when installed to the glass and serves to slow down the fading process by blocking 99% of UV rays.

The film was fitted to the inside face of the glass by a team of The Window Film Company’s fully qualified installation teams. The size of one of the windows and the maximum roll width of the film meant that on one pane the installation had to feature a join – two pieces of film on one window. The skill of the install team ensured that this join was done with precision and was undetectable once complete.

The film was effective immediately, allowing the occupants to enjoy the natural light and views afforded them by the large windows, while remaining safe in the knowledge that an effective fade mitigation solution was in place.

For more information on fading and the products supplied and installed by The Window Film Company to combat it, please contact a member of the team on 01494 794477, or email