Jul 07 2017

Manifestation is a legal requirement for glass of a certain size, but it is also a fabulous opportunity to add an extra element of style or bespoke branding to your premises. The Window Film Company was proud to supply and install an excellent example of this recently, carrying out a project for Hyundai in Buckinghamshire.

Many premises now feature glass partitions; they provide an aesthetically pleasing and contemporary way of creating defined spaces. They also require manifestation by law. Manifestation refers to markings applied to the glass to ensure it is easily detectable, increasing the visibility of the glazing and preventing accidents. The regulations are set out in Part M of the 2000 Building Regulations and dictate the minimum size and location of any markings. Apart from these stipulations however, the manifestation can take on any appearance, allowing customers to be creative with their designs.

In this instance, the brief was to create manifestation that incorporated the Hyundai logo, while also delivering privacy – the partitions were used to create a number of meeting rooms.

It was agreed that the most suitable material would be Frostbrite frosted window film. Once applied to the glass, the film delivers the appearance of acid etched or sandblasted glass, preventing vision from both sides of the glazing without sacrificing natural light. Using state of the art cutting technology, The Window Film Company are also able to cut precision designs and patterns from this type of film – in this case the immediately recognisable Hyundai logo.

The film was cut, prepared and finished by The Window Film Company’s in-house print and design team, before being installed by one of the Company’s experienced and fully qualified installation teams. The project took place on a weekend to ensure that there was absolutely no disruption to the office, which was only operational during the week.

The completed project delivered a stylish and contemporary privacy solution while also incorporating the company brand throughout the office, creating a professional and impressive look and feel.

For more information on manifestation and how The Window Film Company can help you meet your legal obligations in style, please contact a member of the team on 01494 794477 or email